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The WoodMor Foundation aims to increase diversity and inclusivity in the workplace by helping to eradicate social exclusion. We provide long-term employability initiatives to increase work prospects for under-represented communities. Our extraordinary programmes capture employability skills, concluding in the creation of a unique MeMovie™.

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An extraordinary, unique experience to increase employment opportunities within a supportive community. A chance to grow, develop new skills, enhance wellbeing, and improve self-confidence. Join us and see how you can progress into the world of work.

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If you want to challenge yourself, grow as a person and showcase your ability as an employee, click here to see if you are eligible to join one of our WoodMor employability programmes.

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If you work with marginalised communities and know someone who has a willingness to learn, enthusiasm, positive attitude and who wants to realise their employment potential or if your company is looking to do more and access a rich, diverse untapped talent pool, then contact the WoodMor team now.

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Can you teach an expert skill, provide an incredible life-changing event, or offer an extraordinary work experience in an unusual or exceptional setting then please get in touch with the WoodMor team, we’d love to hear from you!

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