Byran’s Sugar Syrup

Last updated: 24 September 2021

From time to time honey bees need supplementary feeding to get them through the difficult times, especially if they are a small colony and/or the weather conditions have been poor and the bees have not been able to forage easily.

This is most common after a honey harvest because it may be necessary to supply bees with an artificial honey replacement, or a source of artificial nectar to prevent them from starving.

Byran at Camphill has been doing just that, mixing together his water and his sugar to make sure his bees are fed and kept happy and healthy! This requires attention to detail, patience and correct calculations in order to create the right syrup for the bees. It is a very important job because if the bees receive the wrong syrup, they could be in danger of malnutrition. Byran is doing an integral job and we hope all stays well at Camphill.