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We wholeheartedly believe that no matter your background, disability or setbacks,  you can gain purposeful paid employment. It's your character and soft skills that really count. We hope you share our WoodMor vision and that you keep in touch!

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Take part in one our programmes or help us run them to make employment work for all.

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An extraordinary, unique experience to increase employment opportunities within a supportive community. Join us and see how you can get involved with the WoodMor Foundation.

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If you work with marginalised communities and know someone who has a willingness to learn, enthusiasm, positive attitude and who wants to realise their employment potential or if your company is looking to do more and access a rich, diverse untapped talent pool, then contact the WoodMor team now.

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Can you teach an expert skill, provide an incredible life-changing event, or offer an extraordinary work experience in an unusual or exceptional setting then please get in touch with the WoodMor team, we’d love to hear from you!