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Ban the Box

Last updated: 14 July 2021

We are signed up to Ban the Box. This is an organisation that campaigns to increase opportunities for people with convictions to compete for jobs. We’re promoting the campaign as part of our ‘fair chance recruitment’ scheme by employers in the UK. Banning the box is one element of fair chance recruitment.

As an ‘Agent of Change’ in an inclusive organisation by ‘banning the box’ we will be helping to break down barriers of recruitment for ex-prisoners.

“Banning the Box’ highlights an antiquated recruitment process which looks to screen potential employees and we find this discriminatory. Here at Woodmor we pride ourselves on being an inclusive organisation who wholeheartedly believes in Ranulph Fiennes’ quote of ‘Employ the Character, Teach the Skills’.

As a responsible business we believe everyone deserves the opportunity of rehabilitation. Providing employment for an ex-prisoner could be life-changing for them, increasing their self-esteem and building self-confidence which in turn improves both their mental health and their ability to provide for their family. Not to mention, providing us with loyal, dedicated, resilient employees. It’s a win:win.” Matthew Wood, CEO and Co-founder  at The Woodmor Foundation C.I.C.