What does a Facilitator do?

A facilitator is someone who can provide our WoodMorers with an extraordinary challenge.

There are two distinct ways to facilitate: as a Provision facilitator or an Event Facilitator.

A Provision facilitator works closely with a woodmorer, teaching them the skills necessary for their experience, this is a long-term, near 6-12 months, role.

As an Event facilitator, you will oversee a woodmorer and place them on one of your organisation’s events.

Both ways of facilitating can be in any sector, from the physical to the creative. Our facilitators include Michelin starredChefs, Artic Expedition organisers, beekeepers, farm owners and many more.

Join this community and teach or enable one of our participants to unlock their potential. If you manage, teach or train it, we are interested!

Benefits of being a facilitator

Inspire a woodmorer to do more, be more and achieve more on our holistic tailormade programmes.

Train an individual

Learn from and work with someone from a marginalised sector of our community.

Flexible commitment

Whether your skill or event is full-time or part-time, we can work with you to match a woodmorer to your time commitments.

Support from our team

We will liaise with you and provide support with you throughout the journey, including on-site trips and onboarding tips.

Be a champion of change

Enhancing the employment opportunities for a woodmorer and allowing them to showcase their abilities and aptitude.

Who you will work with

Disabled, disadvantaged and vulnerable

We work with individuals from marginalised sectors of society, who have experienced barriers to employment opportunities.

Over 25+

We focus on the over 25s because there are less employment focused charities for this age group.


You will work with someone who is curious, has a can-do attitude and who is keen to get the most out of their experience.

How to become a facilitator

Step 1

Do you have an event or skill that you can offer?

Step 2

Contact us

Step 3

Jump on a discovery dialogue and we will work out what kind of woodmor challenge will work

Frequently asked questions

  • How much of my time will I need to commit?

    This depends on your commitments, and we can work around you. We do usually prefer at least 6-months for our Provision Facilitators as this shows more development for our WoodMorer.

  • Can I choose who I work with?

    We will take note of your preferences and what you can offer. The project is a collaborative initiative where each partner has a voice and so we will work together to find the right partner and participant to ensure a successful experience.

  • I am interested, however am conscious about being solely responsible for someone.

    This is completely understandable; it is daunting being responsible for someone. However, this is not your sole responsibility, you will have the support of the WoodMor team and their provision partner who will know your woodmorer very well. We will ensure regular team meetings and can offer advice when needed.