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About the WoodMor Foundation

We want a world with no discrimination in recruitment. Where all candidates get to showcase their skills and capabilities with a fair and unbiased recruitment process. We will achieve this through our tailor-made challenges and unique approach.

Becca and Matt using microphone and teleprompoter

What we do

We offer employability initiatives for marginalised groups of society to provide a pathway from unpaid roles to paid employment. We want our participants to recognise that they are valuable to employers.

We partner with our facilitators to provide these tailor-made experiences. Once completed, the WoodMor team showcase this journey in a digital CV – called the ‘Me Movie’.

This is a video diary of the WoodMor experience which captures these employability skills. This can be shared by the WoodMorer with their future employer. 

Why it matters

This is so important because routes to traditional employment can be discriminatory and therefore can prevent marginalised communities from accessing jobs. We want everyone to have purposeful paid employment because our work gives us identity, purpose, meaning and structure, woodmor wants to be a key driver in this change.

Our Vision

We want the recruitment process to be fair so that all candidates can showcase their skills and capabilities.


We are Woodmorers, explorers, who pioneer change for the marginalised communities.


We recognise the barriers and boundaries that still exist for the participants we work with and aim to move this forward.


We are encouraging and supportive in our approach to our Woodmor community and our participants, we want to create relationships and help everyone succeed.

The beekeepers standing in a line at Camphill

Join these amazing Facilitators

We are working with different sectors from the physical to the creative!

Our facilitators include people who can provide extraordinary career options, such as: Michelin starred Chefs, Evertrek, Artic Expedition organisers, Camphill Wakefield, Beekeepers and many more.

Find out more –Become a WoodMor Facilitator

Meet the Team

Matt in Woodmor T portrait

Matt Wood

I am CEO to Millwood Servicing, a Disability Confident Leader, mental health advocate and founder of the Woodmor foundation.

Clare Woodmor T shirt portrait
Co-founder and Head of Quality and Compliance

Clare Wood

I am dedicated to helping Woodmor, with organising events, launching our programmes and ensuring everything gets done to a high standard.

Maria Johnson Portrait Woodmor
Programme coordinator and Project Manager

Maria Johnson

I’m the Project Manager here at the fabulous Woodmor Foundation. I develop the challenges and make sure everything goes smoothly.

donna knight - digital media
Digital Brand Manager

Donna Knight

I am here to spread the digital word about The WoodMor Foundation by letting everyone know what we do, and the great opportunities that can happen by joining us as either a sponsor, partner or participant.

Sharon Headshot
Wellbeing Coach

Sharon Mason

I am here to offer one to one wellbeing advice and support to all WoodMor participants. This will involve working with participants to recognise and build on their strengths and talents. Giving encouragement and support with their specific challenges.

Tom Headshot
Social Media and Website Assistant

Tom Fearnley

I research to provide up-to-date content for the Woodmor Foundation and to make sure we are staying constantly aware.

Matt presenting at the 2019 BASE conference

Millwood Ltd is a Disability Confident Leader

Matt, our co-founder, has been employing people for a long time and wanted to make the process fairer. To do this, his company Millwood Servicing Ltd has been making their recruitment process and work-place environment more inclusive and accessible to support disabled and disadvantaged employees. They became a Disability Confident Employer in 2018 to a Disability Confident Leader in 2 years, which is record breaking! They have been pioneering the way for inclusive workplaces ever since.

To read more about his: click Capital Conscious Company

Meet the Participants

Gill on a cycle training

Gillian Duffy Haran

Trekking to Mount Kilimanjaro despite battling long term illness

Byron in his bee suit and with his thumbs up

Byran Turner at Camphill Wakefield

Working with Bees to sustain our environment and learn new skills.