What is a Woodmor Partner?

As a partner, you will work with us to change traditional recruitment practices and make a difference to employment prospects for marginalised communities by offering your skills, knowledge and connections.

You can partner with us in two different ways:

As a Provision Partner: this means you will work with us and provide amazing individuals for our programs who, in turn, can gain confidence, increase their self-esteem and develop their employability skills.

Employment Partner: engage with the change that WoodMor is inciting and employ someone from an untapped, diverse talent pool who can demonstrate their employability skills through their journey with us and their Me Movie.

Each role is vital to our functioning as a foundation.

Whats wrong with Traditional Recruitment?

Benefits of being a Provision partner:

Support from our team

Woodmor work collaboratively with partners to match our participants to a challenge suitable for their abilities. We will provide participants with person-centred, holistic support, and access to our wellbeing coach, if required. We will work with you to support them on their journey with us.


There are no costs to do a woodmor challenge, however we want to rasie awareness and develop our participants commercial understanding so fundraising is an important aspect. All funds raised will be divided between your organisation and ours. We will help with support, ideas and specific sector advice.

Be A Champion of Change

Enhancing the employment opportunities for your service-users and developing networks. Helping you create an inclusive and accessible workplace for all.

Benefits of being an Employer Partner:

A Diverse Workforce

Employing someone who has a different life experience to you is a great way to change your perspective and bring innovation and creativity to your workforce.

No Recruitment Fees

You’ll incur no recruitment agency fees: your woodmorer has been vetted for a whole year and does not require agency fees to clarify that.

Increased Productivity

Employing diverse individuals improves your companies productivity. You will have fewer abstentions, better mental health for your workforce, less staff turnover and a decrease in recruitment fees.

Be A Champion of Change

Enhancing the employment opportunities for your service-users and developing networks. Helping you create an inclusive and accessible workplace for all.

Who are our existing partners?


DPD is serious about our workforce representing the communities we serve – and that means partnering with a group that takes diversity and inclusion as seriously as we do. WoodMor is a natural fit for us: they are committed to supporting marginalised communities in finding employment, a mission we share. WoodMor installed, provided training for, and provides ongoing support for beehives at our sites, which helps us provide employability initiatives through our supported internship programme. We’re immensely thankful to WoodMor for working with us on this, all the while doing something important for those who might encounter difficulties finding employment.

Will Lyon, Horticulture Tutor, Derwen College

The project offered an exciting, specialist, work experience opportunity in beekeeping. and the addressed the subject of teaching employability skills by using beekeeping as a vehicle to learn and retain those skills in a new and exciting way. Beekeeping requires you to be organised, have good time-management, plan and prepare for potential outcomes/pitfalls, all of which can be transferred and used in an employment setting. Woodmor are a great company to partner with.

Raph Taylor, Camphill Wakefield, Employability Manager & Careers Lead

At Camphill Wakefield we nurture environmental and ethical values in our ethos of working with and for the land, so to embark on a partnership that links the return of bees to our land with a project supporting students to develop their employability skills was quite simply ideal!” The WoodMor team were fully on board with the person-centred model and making reasonable adjustments to accommodate this. “WoodMor provide a high level of expert support and guidance, and with beekeeping as an Employability Pathway. This pathway very neatly complimented the student’s own learning journey towards greater independence and work.

Huw Davies, British Association for Supported Employment

Huw works with disabled individuals and works with them to them find employment. Gill and Matt have raised £3000 and counting for BASE to support the work they do.

Nik Galanis, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust

Matthew is, by far, one of the most Inclusive, Supportive, Engaging, Proactive and Empowering Leaders I have ever worked with. Matthew has been very honest from the beginning of our professional relationship, always maintaining an open mind and showing willingness to support people, with Mental Health problems and other disabilities, secure competitive paid work within his organisation.

How to become a partner

Step one:

Interested in working with us? Register your interest by visiting our Contact us page and we will be in touch.

Other ways to partner with us:

If you want to support the Woodmor Foundation you can become a Friend; someone who can help us in other ways. You can donate, follow us on social media, connect us to your network, help us to raise awareness, provide us with some advice. Or offer us something for free or highly discounted. Like our very own personal Trainer, Brian Wright.

Become a Friend of WoodMor

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the costs in getting involved in Woodmor?

    As a Provision partner- ZERO- there’s nothing to pay for you or the participant. Our funding model is based on fundraising as we are a C.I.C so we will be raising funds for our organisation and for yours to support our cause.

    As an employment partner- There are no recruitment fees, although we may ask for a donation towards our C.I.C.

    As a Friend – Its whatever you can give.

  • How long will I be involved in Woodmor for?

    We hope that our relationship with you is ongoing.

    Specifically, as a provision partner this will last as long as our woodmor programmes, which tend to be from 6-12 months.

  • How much of my time will I need to give ensure my service-user is onboarded with you successfully?

    We work collaboratively with you to ensure that your service-user is matched to a suitable challenge. This will not be overwhelming as we will work closely with you. As the participant develops on our programmes we will still be in contact and will have regularly check-ins if required.

  • As an employer, will I need to dedicate a lot of time to the WoodMorers onboarding?

    This will be no different from an employee you have recruited in a more traditional way. After our participant has grown on their challenge and demonstrated their employability skills, they will be an asset to your team. There may be required reasonable adjustments but these will be in line with your standard HR policies.