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What’s wrong with traditional recruitment?

Last updated: 12 July 2021

What’s wrong with traditional recruitment?

We think that traditional recruitment can be outdated and discriminatory. It is based on a supply and demand philosophy which has been the same since labour exchanges of the Victorian era. This means that those who ‘seek’ out new staff, get a commission of around 10-15% to sometimes 30% of their contracted salary. This commission is in return for, searching for, promising and then placing people with watertight legally bound contracts at your organisation. This ensures the Recruiters get paid. It focuses on the sale of an asset, as opposed to the character of the individual.

Alongside the significance of monetary value on the ‘asset’, candidates are usually set to endure a hefty vetting process to be matched up with a recruiter. They have to provide a CV, cover letter, interviews and often have to undergo psychometric testing. This is challenging and overwhelming for neurotypical candidates, let alone candidates with different needs. It’s high stress and highly competitive and if you do not have the ‘right CV’ or cover letter you are incredibly unlikely to get through the first stage.

So herein lies the issue, the recruitment process is based on sales and the application process are based on neurotypical ‘ideal standards’. At woodmor we are very keen to impact these sides to employment, to change that so more employers get better staff and employees have more opportunities.