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Capital Conscious Company

Last updated: 14 July 2021

 Millwood Servicing Ltd – a Capital Conscious Company Established in 1993.

Matt Wood’s (our co-founders) award-winning family run & owned business – Millwood Servicing ltd has been giving back to society since its inception in 1993. Through generous donations, voluntary help and raising awareness at every opportunity they firmly believe that together they can do so much more.

The Capital Conscious ethos runs through the very heart of Millwood and with all their stakeholders, including; working strategically and inclusively with our supply chain and client partners.

Millwood has donated over £150k to various charities internationally, nationally and locally. This year they have committed to increase our giving status even more through its recently launched charitable Foundation – The Woodmor Foundation CIC. established in Oct 2020.

Our capital conscious goals:

  • To use creative, engaging and imaginative ways to maximise talent, employ people with disabilities and to create a holistically inclusive and diverse work environment.
  • We pledge to commit at least  3% of our annual Gross Profit each year to make this predicament better and to continuously create change.
  • To continually support our three chosen charities each year through interactive measured and meaningful activities gestures and donations.
  • To actively promote and support 1 new charitable opportunity where funds allow per year
  • To give every member of staff an additional one day off as paid leave per year to allow them to volunteer for a charitable event.

In short, they see the next 30 years at Millwood as golden opportunity to Be more. Do more. Achieve more. For society in general and for those less fortunate than ourselves.