Being Resin

Last updated: 21 July 2021
pink resin earrings with petals

Resin Being – Gill’s Creative Project

Since working with the team at the WoodMor Foundation, I’ve definitely been tapping into my creative side more, mainly to help calm my mind and I enjoy it too.

I recently visited my cousin and during a hike, I collected flowers with his daughter and then set them in resin, as a keepsake. I was fascinated that you can get the kits for home use and then my mind ran with it; what if I could create some jewellery that people might buy and share the proceeds with the WoodMor Foundation. A way to raise funds without straight up asking for donations, the remainder money would be used on purchasing the resin etc.  I headed onto YouTube and watched a fair few videos, I learnt that dried flowers work best. I also had many other questions such as, how to get rid of air bubbles, what colour dyes to use and how to hand finish the items. 

Everybody seems to be having a crack at this,  I checked out Etsy to see who was selling and  what type of items. I joined a few Facebook groups, mainly to ask questions I had. By now, I was well into pouring resin, waiting the following day excitedly to turn out the items. I love it! Quite possibly an understatement I was starting to bore Becca and Maria on our weekly Zoom meetings, I made them admire each piece.

With the skills I’ve learnt working on a project recently I utilised an app to create templates to use and set up pages on Facebook and Instagram The Resin Being U.K.  ( get it? Reason/resin Being). Each piece that I know I can reproduce, I post a picture. I keep my account realistic and showcase the fails in the process because I want to encourage others to get involved, showcasing the do’s and the don’t’s. 

Specifically, I post them as a daily story to show the other side of how resin can be, spilling glitter 3 times before you’ve even got it near the resin, then knocking the resin over before you’ve started filling the moulds, spraying ink all over your hands as you cut the top of the bottle open. Then unsuccessful doming, air bubbles all the way through a piece.  It’s eventful and certainly stops overthinking or worrying, and who doesn’t need that at the moment?