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Last updated: 20 May 2023

Partnership with DPD

We’re buzzing with our exciting news. What better way to celebrate International Bee Day today than to make a huge announcement.

DPD and The WoodMor Foundation have joined together to deliver our ‘Becoming a Beekeeper’ employability programme. Providing student’s from DPD’s Inspire programme with this fabulous opportunity.

DPD is serious about our workforce representing the communities we serve – and that means partnering with a group that takes diversity and inclusion as seriously as we do.

WoodMor is a natural fit for us: they are committed to supporting marginalised communities in finding employment, a mission we share. WoodMor installed, provided training for, and provides ongoing support for beehives at our sites, which helps us provide employability initiatives through our supported internship programme.

If you are interested please leave your details on our contact form and we will be in contact with you soon, or if you would prefer send an email to