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Sophie´s MeMovie Launch

Last updated: 26 March 2024

What a week, last week was!!!

We were privileged to be able to showcase Sophie’s MeMovie to the Oswestry community in front of the The Office of the Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire (Mrs Anna Turner) and Mayor Of Oswestry, Olly Rose, alongside colleagues from Derwen, Aico, local beekeepers and fellow charity OsNosh.

Thank you so much to Aico and Derwen College for your unwavering support. Thank you also to the star of the week, Sophie Dempsey. Sophie has completed her employability programme, ‘Becoming a Beekeeper’, her self-esteem, confidence and communication skills have grown tremendously since the beginning of the programme, furthermore her reliability and commitment to the programme have been exemplary.

This was a fantastic celebration event enabled by Aico for the Oswestry community. It’s been a phenomenal success, and we couldn’t be prouder of the entire team at Derwen. Sophie is studying Hospitality, Food and Beverage at Derwen and is looking to gain employment in this area. She’s now also an avid beekeeper and hopes to take her Level 1, beekeeping qualification in the summer.

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