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What is a Me Movie?

Last updated: 12 July 2021

What is a Me movie?

A Me Movie is our version of a CV. It is the conclusion to a woodmor challenge, which digitally captures your journey and progress. Its purpose is to evidence the woodmor experience and their employability skills which have been developed on the programme.

Through a series of very short video captures that are done by the woodmorer with our assistance, we will document this development. By getting the woodmorer to do the vlogging, they can demonstrate to themselves, their purposefulness and their worthiness.

We will edit this at the end of the programme, and we will pull out the skills that employers look for, such as; problem solving, creative thinking, planning ahead etc. We can draw these out and celebrate them in video. It is a three-dimensional story, it can be shared on social channels, it can be sent around on emails and other platforms. So, people can see, read, understand, and watch that person grow and then think that’s an employable person.