WoodMor Kilimanjaro Opportunity

Last updated: 10 December 2021
Kilimanjaro WoodMor Opportunity

We have an opportunity for an adult with a learning disability/an or Autism/ or who recognises themselves as having learning needs. Who is over the age of 25, and is looking for employment, to join a WoodMor employability initiative to climb Kilimanjaro.
The chosen person will accompany Henrietta Still an Employability Lead for Ambitious about Autism. The WoodMor team will mentor and support them over 9 months to get ready for ‘the long way round, 8 days Kilimanjaro”.

To find out more please visit this website: https://www.evertrek.co.uk/expeditions/kilimanjaro-the-long-way/

We are taking one person to Africa for a week in September (03/09/2022 – 13/09/2022) to undertake a challenge on Africa’s highest mount.

In the 9 months that you will be on this life-changing challenge, you will gain so many skills that employers look for. This will immensely help you stand out in your application process.

We are currently looking for our candidate and aim to meet with them asap to talk more about this adventure.

The person we are looking for will need to:
Live with a learning disability/an or Autism/ or who recognises themselves as having learning needs
Be willing to fundraise for their trip for a charity of their choice, together with the WoodMor Foundation
Be over 25 and have permanent UK residency
Be able to travel to Africa to undertake the challenge in Sept 2022
Have a ‘can do’ attitude which will allow them to undertake the 9 months of training and development
Currently, be long-term unemployed or in a voluntary position
Have an adventurous spirit, be positive, determined and resilient
Keen to embrace change

If you have a candidate that you think would want to do this challenge they would need to be available in the new year to meet Henni, the team and hear more about the challenge.

We are so excited to undertake this fantastic challenge in 2022. If you feel you have someone that might be interested please email: maria.johnson@woodmor.org